Need to work on that New Year's resolution to get more exercise, or want to keep moving after the Millionaire Team Step or One Million Step Challenge?

Well, we'll give you a helping hand with our new Keep Moving Challenge!

What is it?

The challenge starts on Monday 1 March. This time we won't be counting steps but minutes of physical activity. It can be any activity: you can walk, run, cycle, swim, work out, and so on. Therefor you need to log all your activities manually. 

The challenge will once again last for four weeks (until Sunday 28 March), but this time we’ll be in groups of four.

We're once again taking a cue from the World Health Organisation, which recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. For our challenge, this means that every team of four has to get to 2400 minutes of exercise in four weeks' time. 

Good cause

This is a challenge for both UAntwerp staff and students. The reward is getting in better shape, of course, but we also want to support our students. Instead of awarding prizes to random participants, UAntwerp will make a contribution to the fund for students facing financial problems.

But you and your team can also contribute to this fund. Simply make a donation by bank transfer to account number BE42 7310 4624 7854 in the name of 'Universiteit Antwerpen', including the payment reference STIN-P (for gifts of UAntwerp staff), STIN-S (for gifts of UAntwerp students). A gift of 40 euro or more is tax deductable, then you should use next reference: STIN-P-fiscaal attest.

Can't wait to get started?

Find three colleagues who want to get some exercise and sign in! You can find all the information about the registration of your team on Pintra (for UAntwerp staff) and Blackboard (for UAntwerp students). 

Final results

The final results will be announced on Tuesday 30 March. Since most of these apps process billions of data points every day, the data can't always be processed in real time. And there's also the occasional duplicate entry that needs to be filtered out. That's why Energy Lab estimates it'll take at least 24 hours to process the data. 

Apps and activity logging

This challenge requires you to log your activities manually. Every time you start walking, cycling, running, etc., you have to press Start in the app or on your activity tracker, and press Stop when you're done. This will be second nature to those of you who already log their cycling trips with an app like Strava. If you're new to it, it just takes some getting used to.

Forgot to press Stop at the end of your daily walk, or Start at the beginning of your bike ride? Not to worry. You can still log your past activity manually in the app, or on the webpage linked to your activity tracker.

Here's an overview of all the apps and what they can be used for:

  • Strava: all activity, manual logging in the app
  • Fitbit: all activity, manual logging via device, app or computer
  • Garmin: all activity, manual logging via device, app or computer
  • Google Fit and Apple Health in combination with the EL Connect app: manual logging in the app
  • Pacer: app is only for walking, manual activity logging
  • Runkeeper: running sessions and workouts, manual activity logging in the app
  • Start2Run: running sessions only, manual activity logging in the app
  • If you have an activity watch (e.g. Polar, Zwift) that you can link to Strava, then you can also use that and report your activity to Keep Moving via Strava

Ready, set, move!