Lunchseminarie gepresenteerd door dr. Magda Ulceluse, Postdoctoraal Onderzoeker, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Nederland.

During this seminar, we will introduce the concept of local emigration policies and provide an example to illustrate their increasing relevance and urgency of analysis. Although local governments in origin countries have become increasingly active in devising their own strategies in response to emigration, all of the research and theorising on emigration policies has so far focused on the actions of national governments. Magda Ulceluse will make the case for the expansion of her field, to include local emigration policies too.

Her case is based on three main arguments which will be revealed during the presentation.

This line of research has multiple (theoretical and policy) implications, including our understanding of local development and migration, transnationalism and immigrant integration in host societies.

Het seminarie zal in het Engels gepresenteerd worden.