Uitrusting Laboratorium voor Milieu- en Stedelijke Ecologie (EUREC-Air)

Magnetic analyses

- Magnetiser & Minispin Magnetometer, Molspin Ltd

- LDA5 AF demagnetiser and PAM1 anhysteretic/pulse magnetiser, AGICO

- JR6 magnetometer, AGICO

- Susceptibility meter, Bartington, MS2

- Mobile susceptibility meter with soil probe, Bartington, MS2-D

- Gaussmeter, Hirst Magnetic Instruments, GM07


Photosynthesis, light and spectra

- Chlorophyll content meter, Opti-sciences, CCM-200

- Chlorophyll content meter, Konica Minolta, SPAD

- LiCor 6400, LiCor Biosciences, 6400-3

- Agrispec, Analytical Spectral Devices, ASP 350-2500nm

- Fluowatt 4.0

- FieldSpec HandHeld 2, Analytical Spectral Devices, HH2 325-1075nm

- UV Transiluminator, Fisher Bioblock Scientific, ECX-20M

- Radiometer, Solar Light Co, PMA2100

- Serial Quantum Sensor with Handy PEa, Hansatech Instruments, SQS


General lab and field equipment

- Leaf Area Meter Li-3100, LiCor Biosciences, Li-3100C

- Microcope, Olympus, CX41RF

- Balance, KERN CPB, 15KO.5

- Drying oven, Memmert

- Ecopress 4 plant moisture measurement, Ecotechnics- Balance, Denver, S-234

- Soil moisture kit HH150, AT Delta-T Devices

- Soil corer and soil auger, Eijckelcamp

- Diver groundwater dataloggers and barometer, SWS Technology

- Tree increment corer, Haglof

- Dendrometric measurement devices (Vertex height meter, tree caliper, measuring tape, ...)

- Weather station (T, RH, wind speed & direction), Skye Instruments

- iButtons Thermochron

- Vacuumpump, Vacuubrand, ME4RNT

- Pressure bomb, PMS Intrument Company, model 1000


Air pollution sensors and samplers

- Nova PM sensors

- IQAir sensors

- PQ100 Air sampling system, Reference method for PM10, BGI Inc.


Common garden design incl. about 100 plant species


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Uitrusting Labo voor Toegepaste Microbiologie en Biotechnologie

- Autoclave, Astell, AMA440BT

- MilliQ apparatus, Silhorko/Eurowater, Silex1B/ST3

- PCR-machine, MasterCycler Nexus, Eppendorf, 6331

- pH-meter, Mettler Toledo, FiveEasy FE20

- Magnetic stirrer + heater, Heidolph, MR3001K

- Vortex Topmix, Fisher Scientific, FB15024

- Centrifuge, VWR, MicroStar 12

- Centrifuge Microfuge16, Beckman Coulter, A46473

- PCR-machine, BioRad, MyCycler Thermal Cycler

- Power source for electroforese, BioRad, PowerPac Basic

- Power source for electroforese, BioRad, PowerPac HC

- Tank for electroforese, BioRad, MiniProtean 3 Cell

- Tank for electroforese, BioRad, MiniSub Cell GT

- Cryofreezer, Snijders Scientific, UFE440-86E

- LAF class II, Bio II Advance, Telstar

- Spectrofotometer, BioRad, Smart Spec Plus Spectrofotometer

- Air sampler, Bertin Technologies, Coriolis µ

- Balance, Sartorius, BP121S

- Incubator, Memmert, INB200

- Centrifuge, Fisher Bioblock Scientific, Sigma 2-16k

- Warm water bath, Memmert, WNB7

- Shake plate, IKA, KS260B

- Heat block Dry bath system, Starlab, N2400-4002

- pH & temperature meter, VWR, pH10

- Vortex, Labinco bv, L24

- Microplate Reader, Biochrom, EZ Read 400 ELISA/80-4001-40

- Mixer, IKA-Labortechnik, RE16

- Magnetic stirrer, H+P Labortechnik, 90740


Download lijst (excel_15kB)